Technical specifications

Ense has five oxy-fuel cutting systems with working area of 6.7x77m and maximum workable thickness of 500mm.

The sheet metal cutting services offered by Ense – a benchmark company in Northern Italy – include oxy-fuel cutting. The company has five oxy-fuel cutting systems with working area of 6.7x77m and  maximum workable thickness of 500mm.

The oxy-fuel cutting technology is used to cut sheet metal or metal sections with an oxyacetylene flame and a pure oxygen jet. The material is cut without any physical contact with the tools to guarantee a very high accuracy. The operating principle consists in the fact that, when they become incandescent, ferrous material with a given percentage of carbon will burn in an oxygen atmosphere. This technology is perfect for cutting soft steel (with a carbon percentage of 0.12%-0.25%). Oxy-fuel cutting is made with a hose with two concentric gas flows: an external jet that feeds the fuel used to make the metal red hot, and a central pressurized oxygen jet that provides the over-oxygenated flame and cuts the material, completely removing the waste.

The oxy-fuel cutting technology can be applied in several fields, from shipyards to civil and urban engineering (in the first case, for repeated cutting operations with accurate regular edges; in the second case, for the demolition of large-sized complex structures, such as bridges and pylons). Most of all, it is largely used in the building industry, a sector characterized by a very high demand of sheet steel. With this technology, sharp (not rounded) edges and cutting operations with template are possible. However, the oxy-fuel cutting technology requires expert operators who must prevent errors and eliminate any burrs that may impair the final result. Staff training has always been a milestone at Ense, converting the company into a trusted partner for the industry.

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The Harmonized European Standard EN 1090-1 specifies the requirements for the conformity assessment of performance characteristics of steel and aluminum structural components, as well as kits placed on the market as building products.

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