Technical specifications

A powerful laser beam with a quick power control system is used for high-speed cutting operations of sheet metal with low and high thickness, such as 25mm steel.

Working area
Axis X6000 mm
Axis Y2000 mm
Axis Z115 mm
Max. workpiece weight2800 Kg
Maximum thickness
Construction steel25 mm
Stainless steel25 mm
Aluminum15 mm
Maximum speed
For parallel axes200 m/min
Simultaneous, approx.300 m/min
Minimum programmable path0,01 mm
Position deviation Pa+/- 0,1
Maximum output5000 - 6000 W

Ense is specialized in sheet metal cutting and 360° bending with state-of-the-art technologies. Its customers are based in the provinces of Milan, Bergamo, Treviso and Cremona. The company intends to expand to the region of Trentino Alto Adige.

Ense is leader in the laser cutting technology thanks to last-generation machines for high-speed cutting of sheet metal with low and high thickness, such as 25mm steel.

The laser cutting technology can be applied to many types of materials and shapes. Laser cutting uses a EM radiation beam that is focused by a lens on the surface to be sliced in order to heat the surface to the melting point. Simultaneously, a gas flow that is coaxial to the laser beam is emitted by a nozzle downstream the focusing lens. The fluid dynamic thrust force is so intense to generate  the cut. The desired shape can be cut by moving the laser beam and the sheet metal along the cutting path. An advantage of the laser cutting technology is the possibility of cutting geometric shapes with small dimensions with a very high precision. Moreover, laser cutting is sharper than mechanical cutting and its contamination level is nearly null.

Laser cutting machines have a cutting head (also called “oscillator”), an axis system or a robotized arm, a screened structure to protect the operators against injuries, and a CNC system for the entire process. The structure that supports the workpiece varies according to the type of material to be cut.

Laser cutting machines can be used either individually, in lines with automatic warehouses and loading/unloading systems, or in combined lines.

Ense uses machines that can cut aluminum with max. 15mm thickness, stainless steel and construction steel with max. 25mm thickness, with 5000-6000W maximum output.

New laser cutting machine: Tecoi

Delivery system

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TÜV Italia Certification

The Harmonized European Standard EN 1090-1 specifies the requirements for the conformity assessment of performance characteristics of steel and aluminum structural components, as well as kits placed on the market as building products.

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