Technical specifications

Working area: 3000mm x 6m
Pressure: 4150 bar
Inclined workpieces: ±8°
Conicity at 80mm: ±0.04


All types of shapes and templates with labyrinth, geometric or inlay patterns can be obtained.

How it works

It is a cold cutting technology that can work all types of material with high speed and “clean” cut without altering the structural characteristics of the material.

Ense is a point of reference in the sheet metal cutting industry for Northern Italy. The company is specialized in the use of innovative technologies, such as water jet cutting. This technology was originally used in marble quarries and is today employed by a selected number of companies.

The water jet technology uses a very high pressure jet of water that is ejected from the cutting head at a speed three times higher than the speed of sound. Such an action is obtained by forcedly conveying water through a very thin nozzle with diameter of 0.1-0.4mm. The water jet cutting tool is a sort of injector (cutting head) that receives a very high pressure water flow from an augmentation pump through very strong metal pipes. Typically, the tool is self-aligned thanks to the very precise control operated by a CNC unit that works on a motorized multi-axis system.

When compared with the other machine tools used for sheet metal cutting, the main advantages of the water jet technology are a very high versatility and an extraordinary cutting accuracy. Being a cold process, it does not cause any thermal or mechanical deformation of the material and does not require any additional machining operation because the surface of the profile is perfectly finished without burrs. Moreover, it is an environmental friendly process because of the very low percentage of waste. The benefits of the water jet cutting technology include: easy use (setting operations are simple), cold cutting, productivity increase (lower production cost and time because no additional machining operations are needed), user-friendly software, and extraordinary cutting accuracy.

With the water jet technology all types of shapes and templates with labyrinth, geometric or inlay patterns can be obtained with high speed and clean cut, without altering the structural characteristics of the material. Thanks to this service, Ense is a benchmark in the metal sheet cutting industry of Northern Italy.

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The Harmonized European Standard EN 1090-1 specifies the requirements for the conformity assessment of performance characteristics of steel and aluminum structural components, as well as kits placed on the market as building products.

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